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A quick and easy way to improve your first impression. You will be glad you did! The first evaluation is FREE!

How does it work? 

  1. Record a short video of yourself talking about yourself and your experience

  2. Send it to us via our secure video upload system

  3. That's it! We will send you our honest feedback and the things that you can improve your communication skills.


We know what it takes

We have watched thousands of videos of people introducing themselves and talked about their professional careers. We know what it takes to leave a great impression on people and build trust.

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If you feel like you need to improve your communication skills more, we will help you get in touch with a coach, and make a difference in your career.

Also, keep in mind that other people are just like you and there is no reason to intimidated when chatting with others. After all, that's why you're here! To improve!

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Once you did, you are a click away from getting precious feedback from us. This feedback can change your life forever! We will help you reach your potential and never be underrated for something that you do not even know about.

I tend to get nervous in interviews. Practicing with peers at DeSpeak helps me feel confident and prevent easy mistakes in an interview.

Sandra H., one of our community members

I wanted to be confident about the hiring process and know what to say (and what not to say) in phone screens. DeSpeak helped me do that. 

Tushit A., one of our community members

Need help with something else? Get in touch!

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